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Charleston – Home of Tara Guerard

March 28, 2010

Kathy and I just got back from a quick girl’s trip to Charleston, South Carolina…home of the talented wedding planner Tara Guerard.

Weddings are going strong in Charleston.  It is no surprise to us, because one of our very favorite wedding planners, Tara Guerard, and her nationally known company Soiree are based there. We fell in love with her after reading her first book,  Southern Weddings: New Looks from the Old South. Her latest book, Weddings by Tara Guerard is just as yummy and creative. She is amazing! We went to her office and got to meet a couple of the staffers but she was in NYC. When we left, we were giggling like we had just met a movie star!

Tara is known for creating weddings that reflect the personality of the bride and groom. Read more about Tara’s memorable weddings in an interview by Style me Pretty.

We stayed at the lovely Harbourview Inn. It lives up to its name, we had a fantastic view of the water and one of their many lush gardens.  When they took us to our room the first thing I noticed was a wonderful magazine called Charleston Weddings. I was so excited….I devoured it!

We  fell madly in love with the city. It is everything we adore…. beautiful homes, gorgeous gardens, fabulous food and gracious people! We continually commented on how incredibly friendly everyone was there. The college kids were helpful, cheerful and adorable. Another wonderful thing we noticed was that there was a high level of respect for everyone no matter what age. I just love that. It was southern charm at it’s finest!

After a few days of shopping, touring plantations, eating heaps of fabulous food…it became a joke that I would either order crab cakes, fried green tomatoes or shrimp and grits at every restaurant.

In keeping with the wedding vibe, I tried the Bali Beauty Ritual that they do before a girl gets married in Bali. It was delightful…I think I floated back to the wine and cheese hour at our hotel.

Oh and I can’t write about Charleston without mentioning the man who saved our “soles”. Joey our bicyclist… another wonderfully fun Charleston creation.

We loved him so much, we were going to introduce him to our concierge at the hotel but we found out he already has a GF. We told him we would come back and do his wedding…so Helen if you are out there…Joey has your wedding planners all lined up….on rickshaw bikes!

If you have plans to visit Charleston and need some ideas of great places to visit  just give me a holler!
Blissfully, Beth

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